Autonomy & Artificial Intelligence – Next Generation – Live Virtual Constructive Test Range

June 11, 2020

The vision of this next generation range is to accelerate innovation and invention of new tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) leveraging manned and unmanned test (MUMT) systems in support of the armed services and joint commander(s).   Enabling warfighters at all levels to understand how humans and machines will operate, together, in an operational setting, while ensuring they are safe and ethical.  This test range will be like no other range ever built in the department.  It will be a range that is architected as a live, virtual, and constructive (LVC) test environment with scalable compute, storage (cloud) and network resources (5G), where elements of a live physical world are blended with those of a virtual world, through “Modeling & Simulation-as-a-Service” (M&SaaS), constructing a scalable, dynamic, yet safe environment for MUMT experimentation and testing. The constructive ability includes environment and event composition as well as configurable instrumentation to harness and evaluate resulting data and operations from the edge.