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Current Opportunities


The ARCNet Consortium is a collaboration of industry and academic members working in concert to expedite the development of technology and to address current and future Air Force technological needs. Membership in ARCNet is required for access to full opportunity details and bid submission. Interested in learning more about ARCNet? Click here.

Current Opportunities

UAS Autonomous Technologies for Terminal Airspace Operations (TAO)-September 18, 2019

Manned-unmanned teaming operations require seamless operation across all domains of warfare. For Group 4-5 UAS these operations include all phases of flight from takeoff and departure in a terminal area environment through tactical mission operations as well as arrival back to a terminal area and recovery. Autonomous technologies are required to seamlessly integrate into the airspace and securely coordinate with Air Traffic/Air Combat Controllers to increase safety and share situation awareness for nominal and contingency operations.


Assurance Case Toolset-September 18, 2019

As systems exhibit increasing levels of autonomy, the overall verification and validation burden has increased.  Assurance cases address this challenge by presenting an argument for the system’s appropriateness for its intended environment as well as a forum for tracking the various heterogeneous evidences that support the argument.


Autonomy Capability Team 3 (ACT 3) Labor Pricing-September 12, 2019

The Air Force Research Laboratory’s Autonomy Capability Team 3 (ACT3) is chartered to operationalize AI at scale through the development and application of an AI software platform. ACT3 needs to provide advanced applications that utilize autonomy and AI technologies against various Air Force problem sets. Given the need to re-use underlying technologies, a suite of base capabilities are required, with an initial focus towards specific use cases.

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