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The ARCNet Consortium is a collaboration of industry and academic members working in concert to expedite the development of technology and to address current and future Air Force technological needs. Membership in ARCNet is required for access to full opportunity details and bid submission. Interested in learning more about ARCNet? Click here.

Massive Autonomous Swarming Simulation (MASS)

Posted August 1, 2019

AFRL is interested in developing and maintaining a simulation environment built specifically for the swarming domain with seamless support for ML. A common environment will establish an ability to share and reproduce research results across the enterprise and amplify our ability to successfully engage with external partners on shared research interests.  AFRL will be seeking interested parties to submit proposals for software solutions to address this need.


Autonomy Capability Team 3 (ACT3) ISR Applications

Posted July 31, 2019

The Air Force Research Laboratory’s Autonomy Capability Team 3 (ACT3) is chartered to operationalize AI at scale through the development and application of an AI software platform. ACT3 needs to provide advanced applications that utilize autonomy and AI technologies against various Air Force problem sets. Given the need to re-use underlying technologies, a suite of base capabilities are required, with an initial focus towards specific use cases. Once demonstrated on specific use cases, the suite of capabilities will be utilized on highly divergent problem domains. Applications include: ISR mission areas aimed at FMV, PAI, SAR, etc. & business practices to include contracts management, parts and labor pricing, civilian hiring, etc.


Air Combat Evolution (ACE) AlphaDogfight Trials

Posted June 28, 2019

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Strategic Technology Office (STO) will host the Alpha Dogfight Trials, a demonstration of artificial intelligence (AI) dogfighting algorithms. Independent of the DARPA/STO Air Combat Evolution (ACE) program, algorithm developers will be given the opportunity to demonstrate algorithm performance in competition style trials against adversaries of increasing complexity.  The AlphaDogfight Trials will be solicited under the Autonomy Research Collaboration Network (ARCNet) Consortium, with the goal of reaching non-traditional Department of Defense (DoD) performers and reducing the barriers to entry for the application and contract award processes.

Relational Maneuvering

Posted May 22, 2019

The project is intended to develop control strategies that allow fixed wing air vehicles of various performance capabilities to maneuver in relationship to other moving air vehicles on linear and non-linear flight paths or fixed points. Through vehicle controls of velocity, accelerations (Gs), and planes of motion fly the air vehicle to and maintain relational positions as expressed in goal parameters like azimuth, elevation, range from the controlled aircraft and the aspect angle from a target aircraft. It is intended to develop control strategies that take advantage of geometric relationships and consider the vehicles capabilities to implement these strategies.

Automated Testing and Formal Verification of State-Machine Switched Guidance and Control Systems

Posted May 22, 2019

Multi-mode control systems for non-linear dynamical systems that are switched using finite state machines are a class of cyber-physical system that are difficult to develop, verify, and validate. The goal is to show that these systems will always eventually reach a desired state, that mode transitions are smooth, and that continuous time control and state constraints are not violated. This project will develop regression tools that work in the MathWorks tool chain that assist the development and testing of such systems.

Autonomy Collaboration Team 3 (ACT 3) Air Force Cognitive Engine

Posted May 10, 2019

The Autonomy Capabilities Team 3 (ACT3) is an Artificial Intelligence “ninja team” chartered to bring AI to scale for the Air Force. ACT3 is developing an AI Platform that is deployable on an approved DoD Cloud solution to reach a broad and diverse community.  This prototyping efforts show promise towards reaching its goals, but there is need for additional research and development on interfaces and plug and play components to ease the basic and applied research through deployment needs of the AF.  This effort intends to build a multi-agent environment that can scale from 1 to 1000+ nodes to provide the needed scalability AF missions demand.

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