ARCNet Congratulates ANSER

ARCNet congratulates ANSER of Falls Church, VA on its subaward to support the Test Resource Management Center’s (TRMC) Assured Development and Operation of Autonomous Systems (ADAS) program.

Under the subaward with ARCNet, ANSER will work to develop a Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) Test Environment with scalable, compute, storage and network resources, where elements of a live physical world are blended with those of a virtual world, through “Modeling & Simulation-as-a-Service” (M&SaaS), constructing a scalable, dynamic, yet safe environment for MUMT experimentation and testing. The constructive ability includes environment and event composition as well as configurable instrumentation to harness and evaluate resulting data and operations from the edge.   

About Analytic Services Inc. (ANSER)

ANSER was founded in 1958 as a public service research institute organized as a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to informing decisions that shape the nation’s future. We provide program management and objective studies and analyses to the national security, homeland security, and public policy communities.  ANSER also builds and leads technology development collaborations through its subsidiary, Advanced Technology International (ATI), specializing in organizing and managing research and development consortia on behalf of the federal government. ANSER’s headquarters is in Falls Church, Virginia and has offices in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Belcamp, Maryland.

For more information visit: www.anser.org.